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About Us

About Pretsnak

Inspired from the French word ‘Pret’ which translates to ‘Ready’, Pretsnak endeavours to create a benchmark for ready to eat savoury snacks by developing unique, wholesome, healthy snacks for the Indian Palette. With India being a snack obsessed country, Pretsnak envisions to bring exceptional snacks and flavours from around the world to it’s customers.

Our Company

Pretsnak is a home grown brand under the privately owned company Simran International, envisioned by one of it’s directors Angad Makhija. Being an avid snacker himself, he aspires to modernize the Snack industry by creating and introducing innovative snacks that are delectably tasty yet nutritious and healthy.

Our Products


Putting a modern twist on a popular European savoury snack, our pretzels crisps & thins come in a unique twisted shape, with the perfect amount of crispy, crunchy goodness to accompany any beverage or drink. They’re dippable, snackable while being healthy, baked and vegan. Both types of pretzels are available in 6 tantalizing flavours to tease Indian tastebuds and are available in gourmet grocery stores across India.

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